Weed Control Ideas One Can Follow

Along with the beauty there is always the presence of the beasts. And therefore is the beauty valued. As the lotus grows in hell and roses are surrounded by thorns, so is everyone growing creature is confronted by something which can stop its growth. So, the plants in your garden or in pots will always have weeds growth around them. As such there is no harm in their growth. But the problem lies that they don’t let the plant to grow up properly taking away its nutrition and the space as well.

So, there before your garden or green area of the house turns wild you need to remove these so called weeds as they are the unwanted plants. In scientific terms weed control is known as pest control only which is used to eradicate the injurious and toxic weeds as they affect not just plants, but also the livestock as well. One can take an advice from commercial grounds maintenance for tips on weed control. Earlier weed removal simply took by ploughing the crop area or manually removing it from plants. Later on herbicides replaced the manual methods of weed removal. 

Some of the methods of weed removal have been categorized below. 

• Don’t let the weeds to grow.

By growing enough plants on the ground- say grass or ground cover herbs- you vanish the space that would let the weeds to grow. Therefore, by having a thick layer of crops covering the ground you automatically eliminate the room for weeds to grow. For this many options are available. There is also high quality grass available with the commercial grounds maintenance which you can grow to stop weed control. See this post if you need a reliable garden service.

• Maintaining the right amount of soil

Keep the soil healthy and full of nutrition that enables the plants to grow properly. Keep a regular check on the soil on whether it is fertile as well as aerated properly. You can also get it checked from a local soil analyst and get further recommendations on how to maintain the right quality of the soil.

If the soil is poorer in quality it automatically promotes the growth of unwanted plants.

• Organic alternatives

Some people use vinegar to kill weeds. Many herbicides are available as well. Organic soaps have also been used as a traditional method of eradiating weeds. Many types of plant oil blends have also been used to stop the weed growth. Although vinegar or acetic acid has not been found to be much effective but of course they can be used as a traditional method to remove weeds.

• Burning process

Some of the farmers also follow the concept of burning the weeds if they turn out to be heavy and wild. This is also a good method since it totally eliminates any further growth of the weeds as well. But it cannot be practiced in routine since it can deprive the soil of its fertility and make the growth of the crops difficult.

• Crop rotation

Sometimes weeds grow because of the same crop being planted again and again on the same land. Therefore practicing crop rotation helps the soil to use all kind of nutrients it has and also gets back the nutrients it loses while the last crop is grown. Further, it also helps to avoid the growth of the weeds.