Types Of Deck Flooring

Most of the homeowners want to style their home and garden with attractive look of deck flooring. This is the best way to give a stunning look to your garden. At the time of planning for deck, there are varieties of option available in market. Conventional lumber materials have much competition with Synthetic materials. It is suggested to prefer the synthetic deck flooring material because it is different from wood in terms of maintenance requirement as well as it provides more powerful foundation. In case of choosing wood you need to maintain it regularly and there will be a need to refinish the same however in case of synthetic deck this is not required at all.

Here are some common types of Deck Flooring


Redwood flooring will provide you proper resistance to decay and dark color. It will be expensive to buy Redwood flooring because it has durability and aesthetic appeal. The main reason of choosing the redwoodflooring is because of steps and railings.


For those people who want weathered look from the deck over time then you should go with Cedar. It starts with light brown color and after that it gains consistently craggy grayish look over time. 

Bald Cypress

It is one of the popular decks flooring material. The reason behind its popularity is that it grows in swampy areas and so it has established itself naturally defiant to both insects and rot.Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is the most money-making material for deck flooring for the standard proprietor. The pressure-treating systems is made by placing a part of timber from variety of trees like hemlock, fir or pine and after that it is taken into vacuum chamber which is packed with fluid preservatives. This process ensures the durability of pressure-treated wood. To give more appealing look you can also install screening in your deck that is structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful.


In case you want watertight surface then you should go with fiberglass flooring. Its cost is aggressive with conventional wood design but it gives you the surety of water security as well as it will provides you the security from wood-feasting insects and termites.


Composites are also known as synthetic deck flooring and this type of material can be prepared from a variety of goods which consist of plastic mixed with wood waste and wood fiber. The biggest advantage of using synthetic materials for your deck is that you will not face the problem of splinter and rot. Decking Newcastle does not need to be maintained hence it will save your money as well.

Premium Exotic Wood

Such kind of flooring makes use of exotic timber such as mahogany and teak. However the cost for this material is very high but it will provide you the security from insects and decay.