Sleep Well On The Mattress

Are you out for a few month internship or training? Are you planning to carry your bedding along with you? It is pretty unnecessary to carry them as it might create a lot of hassle making your luggage weighty and fussy. In fact, when all necessitated things are now available at a cheap rate wherever you go. 

Among all necessities, if you are provided with a room the most important thing you need is a mattress for you to sleep. It is an obvious factor that you would definitely not go for a cheap mattress in Melbourne that is exclusively designed or stylish. A comfortable and a good quality can serve your purpose.

What can be your need?

Some of the standard sizes that are available for mattresses are such:

• King size: The king size mattress is around 78” x 84”.

• Queen size: The queen size mattress would be 60” x 80”.

• Full size: 54′ x 75″ can be called a full-size mattress.

• Twin size: 39″ x 75″ mattress can serve the purpose for two people and, therefore, called twin size mattress.

• College Dorms: A College Dorm mattress is similar to the size of Twin size or it might be 5” longer than this.


As far as thickness is concerned, it is 7” deep, but the recent pillow set mattress are up to 24” deep.

If you are buying it for yourself, you can avail either the College Dorm size or the Twin size mattress. But if you want to share it with your room partner, you need to go for the Full size. However, cheaper ones do not facilitate with pillow tops and are less thick.

It is all about being cozy

Four general categories of mattresses that are found:

• Spring mattress

This type needs attention to the coils. The price of such mattresses is according to the firmness of the mattresses.

• Air mattress

Comfortable and cheaper for serving spare cases. Definitely, it is not good for regular and permanent use.

• Memory foam mattresses

The comfortability and coziness are decided with the density of the foam.

• Latex foam mattresses

An apt for people suffering from allergy, moreover, it is long lasting and suitable for regular use.

Why spend a fortune?

Shopping for cheap mattress can be available from both online and offline stores. The reliable Online stores can avail you with the end of season sale or a good discount on many occasions. If you are getting it from normal stores, make sure to check up with additional gifts like pillows or quilts. It would be wise to match prices from few variety stores and brands and then going in for the final buy. As you just need it for a temporary purpose make sure you don’t spend a fortune on it.