Decorating Your First Home


Ideally, you should start thinking about the decor you want for your new home even before you start the building process. That way you will be able to build your house according to the design you have in mind for the interior decor. As an example, if you want your fridge to be placed in certain place in your house you would need to design and build your home in a certain way to accommodate the fridge being there. You will need to check the fridge and have the plug points placed on the right side and at an appropriate distance. However, if you have already built your house and then decide that you want your fridge to be in a certain place; you might find that there is no electrical outlet or that your fridge does not fit in the place that you wanted to be in. However, if you have already build your home, you will just have to make do with what you have already or make a renovation of your kitchen. 

The areas that you should focus on more

Many people concentrate mostly on what the living room should look like and do not pay much attention to kitchen design and bedroom design. However, this is not how it should be. It is important to remember that we are likely to spend close to eighty percent of the time we spend at home in our bedrooms while another twenty percent is spent in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you are someone who loves to cook and you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then it is important spend a little extra money and a little extra attention on your kitchen design in Brisbane. There is no greater feeling for a want to be chef than to prepare meals in a state of the art and spacey kitchen.

It is important to remember that although you need to have a nice living room, you are unlikely to spend a lot of time there unless you have a visitor which is rarely. Pay closer attention to the areas in your home that you are likely to spend the most time when designing. If you are lucky enough to still be in the process of building, consider making as much of your furniture out of concrete itself. This will not only save you a lot of money, it will give your home a posh and more elegant look. Some of the traditional furniture that you can replace with concrete furniture are your bed, your dining and cooking are and your sink or bath tub.


What To Consider When Choosing Window Treatments?

If you are planning to choose a type of blind, it is not only which will look good in your home or window. There are certain factors that you need to consider like the amount of sunlight you want to filter in, size, stack height or design. There are different kinds of window treatments available and blinds are most common in this category. However, in order to get the right blinds ordered and setup will need careful consideration of the above factors.

Stack length or height
When you are looking to set up window blinds, you need to consider the stack height. This refers to the space that the blinds will take up in the folded state. For that reason, for smaller windows, the blinds are usually of a shorter stacking height. If you are looking for blinds that have smaller stack height, opting for roller blinds might be beneficial. Venetian or honeycomb blinds are known to have a smaller stack height.

Allowing in sunlight
The next factor to be considered is the amount of sunlight that is filtered in. As per the materials used in a blind, the amount of sunlight allowed in would be determined. If you wish to block out the sunlight completely, opt for wooden or aluminum blinds. Honeycomb or roman blinds Brisbane best when you simply wish to soften the light filtering in. You need to choose the blind material as per the amount of sunlight or exposure you want for your room or space.

Size factor
The other factor to consider when choosing window blinds is to check the size. As per the window or door dimensions the blinds need to be chosen. Blinds which can be moved to either side of a door usually look neater. It needs to be kept in mind that, blinds need to be of a bigger size than the windows. That way you can block out the sunlight more effectively. It is necessary to measure out the windows or doors carefully before opting to buy blinds for them.

Design factor
The final factor to consider is the design of the blinds. There are several choices that blinds offer, especially when you are looking at Roman or vertical blinds that can come with fabric covers which have prints and designs. Even vinyl venetian blinds come in different colors & sizes. That allows one to create a distinct effect in the room where they are installed. It is necessary that these points are considered at the time of purchasing blinds. You might be a homeowner purchasing blinds for the first time and to ensure that one does not go wrong with their purchase, consideration of the different factors is necessary.

Home Improvement On A Limited Budget

You may have a seemingly unachievable dream to have nice things but may think you can’t afford to do so because of your limited pay and your limited savings. However, there are many ways that you can have an amazing home on a very limited budget. All it takes is a few hours of research, a whole bunch of creativity and great team to work with.
Do it your self-home ware
The truth is there are many things that you can do for your home yourself. In addition to being a great bonding activity for your family, with a bit of thinking, you can do so much to transform your home. Start with getting together with your family and deciding what colour you would like your home to be. Consider doing some research on the internet and choosing a colour combination that you could stick with through your redesigning process. You are likely to see that many modern homes are seen to be designed in a black and white theme which gives the home an elegant and grand look. You may even purchase an inexpensive DIY pool for your home to give it that extra touch of awesomeness. When choosing your pool make sure that it matches the colour combination that you have chosen for your home to make it look even better.
Upgrade your furniture
Chances are that you still have the same boring furniture that you inherited or purchased at the time of buying your home. Buying new furniture can be expensive and therefore you need to consider making your own furniture. There are many great tutorials on line about how to make your own designer furniture that looks unique and elegant. You may choose to make your living room furniture and bed room furniture out of pallets. Pallets are a type of ox that is used to transport fruit and sometimes building materials that can be taken apart to build the best looking furniture. You may even have some interesting looking pool side furniture to have by your DIY pool.
One of the easiest and the best ideas to give your home an elegant and exciting new look is to clear your home of the mountain loads of junk that has collected in your home through the years. Clearing your home of and getting rid of the junk can give your home the look of being much bigger than it was before and make it look like an all new home before you even begin redesigning.

6 Tips On Hiring A Professional Painter

You might be thinking about hiring someone to get the paint job done soon. You might be fed up with the task you have to do. Hiring a professional has several benefits and disadvantages too. Here are some tips on hiring an expert to get the job done:
Do your research
It is important that you do your research on a company or an independent contractor. You can ask around in your vicinity for the best people available. You can check on prices and how long they will take to finish the job. Opt for someone who can show you their previous work as this will help you decide on whether you must hire some painter in Surrey Hills to get the task completed on time. You can even ask three contractors for their charges and all three must be within the same range. If the prices differs vastly from one another you will have to ask them for what will be done and what will be excluded.
Interview thoroughly!
It is important that you do interview and ask the right questions like how long have they been operating their business? Do they have licensure? Do they have the right insurance just in case there is an injury? You can ask them if they are a member of the painters group. You can ask for written guarantees on work. If you are interested you cn visit this website
Specificity matters
You must ask them to be specific as possible. You must try to walk through each indoor and outdoor area discussing what needs to be done. If you are looking at exterior painters then you must explicitly explain what you want. Are you looking at the walls and trims? What sort of paint do you want?
Check the contractor behavior
It is important you pay attention to how professional the expert is? Does he or she talk politely and nicely? Is he or she busy (good experts are)? Are your phone calls being returned quickly? Check on punctuality.
Check third party references
It is important that you do check on the reference list submitted by the expert. What do the other customers have to say? If you are really concerned you can visit the exterior painters while at work and see how they are completing a task.
Check on the contract
You must try to check on the written agreement and review it carefully. You can ask little or many questions as you like. It is your house after all!Remember to pick the most professional person or company out there to assist you in getting your paint job done perfectly!

Best Furniture And Interior Decoration Ideas

Office space should be very professional, unlike for houses certain colours and types of furniture would throw that professional look you are waiting for away. Here are few tips on selecting furniture and doing the interior of an office.
ColoursColours of the office play a major role in making it look professional. Depending on the nature of the business this may differ. For example if you run a pastry shop light pink, white, and creative designs on the walls would be okay. But if you are a professional business, the colours such as beige, grey, white, or even light sky blue or cram colour would be better for the wall colours. There are designated wall colours for certain businesses, IF you run a clinic usually it’s like light blue and white or light green and white.
When selecting colours for blinds, depending on the wall colour match it accordingly, for example if you  have timber venetian blinds these are most likely to be in natural timber colours, so the wall colour should be either cream or white to match with the blinds.
FurnitureWhen selecting furniture it is important to understand the purpose of it and the spacing in the office. When selecting lobby furniture for guests to sit, rather than selecting cheap chairs, it is better to select a L shaped sofa with a coffee table, or select small sofa chairs with cushions. The colours could be either to match company colours or simply dull colours like Grey, Black, Brown or beige. Black and brown are the most popular colours due to the ease to clean. You can get other furniture items like a dining table with a glass top in the lunch room. Glass top gives a modern touch to it as well as it is easy to clean.
Curtains and blindsWhen selecting curtains or blinds to an office, the most modern selection would be blinds. Mainly due to the looks and it doesn’t collect dust easily. There are several types of blinds in the market to choose from. However timber venetian blinds Melbourne would increase the professional look in the office. This gives a touch of luxury as well.  Curtains are also not a bad choice if it is for a large living room in the office. Blinds can be quite expensive compared to the curtains.
Other ways to elevate the interior of the office is to have a plant in the office; this would add some freshness and green. Have some paintings or ornaments that are suitable for offices. Ornaments such as cherubs and mermaids won’t be suitable. If you are not sure about the colours and patters to incorporate in the office space, always get advice from a best interior designer by plantation shutters online.