Maintaining Outdoor Space To Suit Modern Living

What comes to your mind when you think of urban or city living? Is it cramped spaces? Tall buildings with narrow hallways? The irritating hum of traffic while you try to get some sleep, perhaps?

The luxuries of large, sprawling mansions are lost to the “conveniences” of the city. Multiple bedrooms, walk-in closets, elegant foyers, and long driveways are unheard of, and even comical, when thought of establishing in the heart of a metropolitan landscape.

City living is indeed convenient; closer to every amenity imaginable, it is extremely easy to get from one place to another in a flash. However, it does come with its fair share of inconveniences. Busy streets, residential buildings stacked on top of commercial ones, and exposure to dust, harsh lights, noise, and general chaos of everyday life is the price people pay to own a city home.

Given these circumstances, maintaining or even finding room for an outdoor space sounds incredibly difficult, even impossible.

Especially for those living in apartment buildings, the only outdoor space is the one that has been dealt with by the pavers; the sidewalk. Using any part of the sidewalk as a personal outdoor space is not only impractical, but it is all illegal. The city’s planning and development authority will undoubtedly press charges, and you will face losing your home. Click here for more info on pavers from Hobart.

If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop area of your building (and most apartment buildings tend to do so), you may be able to make a request to the landlord of your building to use the rooftop area. If granted, you will be able to set up a modest sitting area, even a private garden space, for your own enjoyment. A vegetable garden too, may be possible, as more and more city dwellers are opting for rooftop plantations. this is not only a brilliant way to maintain an outdoor space, but you can also reap the benefits of it by using the fresh produce in your daily meals.

If that is not an option, consider a hanging garden concept for the balcony of your apartment. Invest in a few potted plants that you can hang up with either rope or strong cord from the beams of your roofing. Or better yet, you could opt for a “box garden”. Plant decorative flowers in soil in a box made especially for this purpose (or you could even make one yourself from a tutorial online), and attach it to the outside of your balcony for a decorative yet easy outdoor feature. Add a long chair or two and your “outdoor escape” will only be missing a couple of cocktails.