House Planning – What To Consider

You’ve decided to buy your new home or maybe you’ve decided to plan one from scratch. In the case of the latter, there are just too many things you’ll have to consider – things that are all taken care of by house designers were you buying a house instead. By this I’m not implying that you should not design your dream home yourself – I’m simply saying that you’ll have to do so after much consideration, or you’ll end up with something much far from your ideals. The following are some very basic tips to consider when planning a home:

• Space utilization – This is extremely important. When you design your house, you’ll probably want to include many different rooms – game rooms, indoor gyms, indoor cinemas, playrooms, etc. However, don’t be so quick to decide. Figure out what you need and you don’t need. Chances are you won’t use many of the rooms you want to add – in this case, it is best to create multipurpose rooms (i.e. you can merge your game room and indoor cinema into a single space). Furthermore, consider the necessities of your family. For example, will you be extending your family anytime soon? If so, how many children are you planning on? Or otherwise, are you planning to live here with your old parents? In that case, you’ll have to make accommodations and take safety precautions for young children or older people.

• Lighting – This is another very important aspect. Unlike the first one, you’ll need professional help to decide this correctly (you’ll also need to consult with professionals for the first point to some extent, though!). A home with bad lighting can have an effect on both your physical and mental status, so be careful. Make sure that all the rooms have adequate lighting – this does not only mean to install lights in the correct places, but it also includes enough openings to let the sunlight in throughout the daytime.

• Kitchen – When planning the kitchen, you’ll have to make sure to allocate enough space to it, so that you won’t end up placing electronic appliance anywhere else in the house. Also, nowadays, people often tend to merge the dining room with the kitchen, as in dinettes or breakfast bars, so make sure to also consider whether you wish to incorporate the dining room into the kitchen itself. Furthermore, the positioning of the kitchen is crucial – make sure it is connected either to your garage or to a backdoor (obviously, don’t connect it to your main entrance), so that you won’t face problems with carrying groceries to the kitchen all the time.

• Garage – Nowadays buying a car is not much of a rarity – and with it, having a garage within your home premises, especially if you don’t have enough outdoor space, is the norm. Doors for garage are another point you need to dwell on – do you prefer automated doors or manual ones? Also, make sure to allocate enough space to the garage – most garages nowadays also doubly function as store rooms.

Once you’ve come up with a basic idea of how you want your home to look like, the next step is to consult professionals – architects, interior designers, you name it. Even if you’ll probably end up revising most of your ideas under their guide, don’t try to ignore their advice – make sure to adapt as much as possible to their guidelines, and you’ll see your ideals getting much closer.